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Overcoming Dyslexia...dare to dream.

At the Learning Centre, children with dyslexia learn to read.
The Mission of the Scottish Rite Charttable Foundation.Learning Centres for Children is to provide quality, state-of-the-art, free remedial tutoring to children with difficulties in reading,writing and related scholastic skills formally identified as ‘dyslexia’.

What is Dyslexia?

Children with dyslexia often find reading and writing a frustrating experience.

There is no cure for dyslexia, but dyslexic individuals can learn to read and write with appropriate education or

treatment. Specialized phonics instruction can help remediate the reading deficits.

Who has Dyslexia?

Medical experts state 20% of the population has varying degrees of reading disorders that may qualify as dyslexia.

No correlation has been found between the incidence of dyslexia and nationality, income, ethnicity, race or IQ.


What are Learning Centres?

At the Learning Centre children with dyslexia acquire reading skills.

Services and programs provided by the Learning Centre help improve a child’s attitude toward reading and, of greater importance, toward school and themselves.

The Learning Centre tutors children individually with a program that accommodates their specific learning differences in a one-on-one setting by specially trained tutors.

There is no cost to the child or the family. The Learning. Centre is all-inclusive and promotes diversity amongst individuals. All children and youth who qualify for the program will be accepted regardless of race, colour or creed.

What is the length of time a child needs


For many children, two years are sufficient. A few children are very successful after one year and some require three years to obtain optimal results.

Advantages of the Learning Centre
There is a need, according to a market analysis of groups and individuals in Simcoe County
The need will continue to grow. Dyslexic children can learn to read and write Free tutoring --- there is no cost.
Wide-spread community interest from educators, social services and families.
There is strong leadership and volunteer support in the community.

How can I help build the Learning Centre?
Your donation of time, money, or in-kind support will help make the Learning Centre a reality.

All donations will receive a tax-benefit receipt with a charitable registration number.
Please make cheques payable to ‘The Learning Centre - Valley of Barrie’.

Where can I get more information?
It is important to do your own research and make your own informed decisions.

Scottish Rite Learning Centre –Barrie
99 Morrow Road, Barrie, Ontario, L4N 3V7
705 325 1708

For information on Scottish Rite Learning Centres or
For information on dyslexia
International Dyslexia Association


Ages 3 to 5
Does your pre-schooler:
Have trouble learning nursery rhymes such as “Humpty Dumpty” or “Jack and Jill”? Fail to recognize the letters in his or her name?
Have difficulty remembering the names of letters,   numbers or days of the week?
Ages 5 to 6
Does your youngster:
Fail to recognize and write letters, write his or her
name, or use invented spelling for words?
Have trouble breaking spoken words into syllables,
such as cowboy into cow and boy?
Still have trouble recognizing words that rhyme,
such as cat and bat?
Fail to connect letters and sounds? (Ask your child,
“What does the letter b sound like?”)
Ages 6 to 7
Does your child:
Fail to read common one-syllable words, such as
mat or top?
Make reading errors that suggest a failure to
connect sounds and letters, such as big for goat?
Complain about how hard reading is, and refuse to
do it?
Ages 7 and Older
Does your child:
Mispronounce long or complicated words, saying
amulium instead of aluminium?
Confuse words that sound alike, such as tornado
for volcano, or lotion for ocean?
Speak haltingly, and overuse vague words such as
stuff or things?
Have trouble memorizing dates, names and telephone numbers?
Have trouble reading small function words, such as
that, an and in?
Spell terribly, and have messy handwriting?
Have trouble completing homework, or finishing
tests on time?
Have a deep fear of reading aloud?
Is your child Dyslexic?
This is not a complete list, consult a medical
professional for diagnosis.
Source: Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz, MD; Straight Talk
About Reading by Susan Hall and Louisa Moats.

Why can’t our schools treat Dyslexia?
It is usually a matter of insufficient funding to provide the very labour-intensive one-on-one tutoring required.
The Learning Centre program uses only one-on-one tutoring with trained and certified volunteer tutors.
What do teachers, schools, and school
boards think about Learning Centres?
The Learning Centres have met with high praise and
excellent support from teachers and administrators.
They realize the great benefits being offered to children
that cannot otherwise be offered by school systems.
What makes this Program unique?
The program provides free training to its tutors and free remedial tutoring to dyslexic children enrolled at the Learning Centre. All tutors and staff are volunteers.The entire program is motivated by a sincere desire to help dyslexic children.

When will the Learning Centre operate?

The sessions are held after regular school hours. The timetable is two 1-hour tutoring sessions per week for a program length averaging 2 years or more. The Centre is set up specifically for tutoring, with specially designed areas and equipment.

Where will the Centre be located?

The Learning Centre will be located in the existing Masonic Hall at 99 Morrow Road, Barrie. It is centrally located, adjacent to Highway 400 and major road systems. There is ample free parking and barrier-free access to the building. Local bus service is less than a 5 minute walk from the entrance. The Masonic Hall Corporation has donated the space to the Learning Centre.Many individuals and businesses in Simcoe County have already pledged material and financial support to build the Barrie Learning Centre.

Are there other Learning Centres?

Yes, there are Scottish Rite Learning Centres currently operating in Windsor, London, Vancouver, and Halifax. There are more than 250 Learning Centres throughout the United States. Once the Barrie Learning Centre is established the goal is to extend this service to satellite Learning Centres throughout Simcoe, Grey and York Counties, and the District of Muskoka. Areas such as Collingwood, Owen Sound, Newmarket, and Bracebridge will be affiliated with Barrie, which will serve as the hub of operations.